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(OM) – You are the best investment you will ever make

Prioritize your physical and mental health, so that you have increased positive energy and feel your best. I know people are terrified of spending money, especially on themselves. If you aren’t investing in your own happiness and your own life, what is the point? We have to remember that money is just energy. And energy needs to flow. Money is neutral. It is us that gives it meaning.

Happiness starts within and it starts with prioritizing our own basic needs. You really are the best investment you will ever make, and you deserve it.

OM Montly Package

R5000 for 8 guided sessions

(Guided breath meditation included)

Money can not buy happiness, but can happiness buy money?



See what we have planned for you also travel updates and therapists visting.


Slave Contracts – Suspended

Due to an constant increase in requests for repeated regular sessions from male subs I now offer these unique sessions at a reduced rate to successful applicants. A slave contract entitles the holder to...

Nuru_Massage 5

The Nuru Massage

The Nuru Massage Nuru is a Japenese word meaning “to paint, or “to get wet” – and make no mistake, during a Nuru Massage you will get wet! I will drench your naked body...


Setting the Mood

Music has such a powerful effect on our emotions that the importance of choosing the right tracks for each occasion must never be underestimated Beneath you will find a list of my favourites .The...


How to become a Favourite

Be clean and fresh!! If you have had a long day, ask to use the shower and bathroom and freshen up quickly first. Be punctual. If you are late and time allows I don’t...

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