Q: “Do you offer “full house”?”

A: Yes

Q: “Do you offer the “girlfriend experience”?

A: Yes , my take on it. Sensual , loving often naughty

Q: “Am I allowed to touch you during a sensual massage?

A : Yes, but kindly limit touching to the last 30 minutes of your massage treatment

Q: “Can I use the toys on you?

A: If you absolutely must, yes.

Q: “Do you have a strap-on?

A:Yes, I have several

Q: “Can I suck your toes and kiss your feet”?

A : Yes

Q:”Do you give a good hard massage?

A: it’s a fair massage done with moderate pressure but it is designed to De-stress and relax instead of dealing with muscle spasms

Q : Do you give a full body massage?

A: Yes,I often include feet but the nature and specifications of each session is by design of time constraints

Q: “How much notice do you need to accept an appointment?

A: One day

Q: “Do you WhatsApp?

A: Yes, but kindly note that I am unable to converse 24/7.

Q:”Can we have phone sex if I send you airtime?”

A: No

Q:Do you like younger men?

A: After you turn 21 age is just a number and since I’m not dating you it matters even less

Q: What is the difference between your sensual and your Nuru massage?

A: Sensual Massage is done on my massage bed.

I will be using a bed for Nuru.

For Sensual Massage I favour organic oil while for the Nuru I will be using exotic Nuru gel

Full body contact back and front as well as pelvic contact can be expected during your Nuru massage while full body contact will be limited to your back for sensual massage.

Q: How to become a favorite

A: Click here

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