Healthy sensuality living a used life

Option 1

 Teasers please

2 song assistead tie& striptease

Double bj split
2 Teams

Grand finale all participants uites in hedonistic abondon.


Option 2
Chill out

20 min/team massage split
2 teams available

Final 15 = 8 hand sensual explosion

Hot towel body scrub


Option 3


4x10min  toy shows

Last 20 Group finish


Option 4

It’s good and clean and fresh

10 min erotic soapy shower

30 minutes blindfolded sensual teasing

15 minutes fh type ending


Option 5

Do your thing

Lesbian show split 15 min /team 2 teams available

You’re the stud 5m x 4
Do your thing, make our bodies sing!


participating therapist

~Day picnic~

“And just as music traverses walls, so sensuality traverses the body and reaches up to ecstasy.” 


 – Anaïs Nin

Sensuality starts with a sense of awareness to pleasure in all aspects of life. It is a health modality that’s about developing your capacity to enjoy an experience-centered life.

If you’re one of those people who spends all day breathing the lifeless output of a building-ventilation system, then you may be encountering a nature deficit. And it’s making your life less enjoyable, less healthy, and more stressed.

A step outside the confines of your home can clear your mind and remove you from repetition, negative thoughts, and stress. 

Give yourself a chance to be outside, to have a break from your virtual life.

When you start to allow yourself to experience and receive,  the most mundane task can ignite you. Pleasure isn’t just about orgasms, it’s about having the capacity to fully appreciate your life.

Sensuality  becomes even more intense with practice. It is your ability to connect, awaken, and embody pleasure through sight, taste, smell, touch, and sound.

A local park has been one of my most treasured sensual exercises for many years and I would love to share a few hours amongst the trees with a fellow seeker. A light picnic in celebration of life, fueling the short hike.

Please wear your old clothes’ and comfortable shoes as we are likely to get a bit grubby. To get to the picnic spot we will have to walk about 1.2km over uneven terrain.

Feel free to bring your well socialized canine companion along for off leash joy.

This experience will end with a 90 minute tantric erotic massage and hot shower.

Be present with your sensory experience and let it open your heart.






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