The holistic aspect of Taoist Erotic Massage is best expressed in conjunction with a full body massage. Therefore, in practice, the erotic massage on the genitalia is usually the crowning glory of a relaxing full or partial body massage.

The combination with other forms of massage serves mainly to release tension in the recipient and to open them for extended sensual pleasure.

Gradually the genital area is included into the massage whereby breathing and massage rhythm play key roles in increasing sensual pleasure. Deep abdominal breathing assists with relaxation and makes the recipient more aware of their own body. The massage of the genitalia is interrupted again and again to concentrate on other parts of the body, thus bringing the recipient slowly to their orgasm threshold.

With a man, stimulation of the genital area involves massaging the prostate, the anus and the genitals.

With a woman, the vagina, G-spot and the labia are massaged.

Traditionally a TEM ends with a so-called breathing orgasm, also known as the Big Draw.

Experiencing the Big Draw is different for every TEM recipient and can range from deep ecstasy through to multiple orgasms.

In some cases a trance-like experience may occur. As a rule, the massage concludes according to the requirements and desires of the recipient.

Both a gentle conclusion without an orgasm as well as stimulation up to the orgasm threshold may occur.

Climaxing in an orgasm either with or without ejaculation may occur..

Understand that sexuality is as wide as the sea.
Sacred sexuality, sacred sensuality


This treatment is based around sacred sexuality and sacred sensuality. As a oracle and guide the experience and journey we walk falls under a huge kaleidoscope of elements.

The session may include intentions like sensual discovery of the self, revitalization of the body, full body bliss etc. The list can be endless, depending on the needs and desires of you the receiver.

All my treatments include hands on body healing through Taoist massage and Tantra techniques which allows the receiver to reach a layer deeper into the consciousness and allow the body to speak.

Depending on your personal boundaries and desires the treatments honors the body as a whole, therefore the session may or may not involve the Yoni/Lingam.

60 Mins – R2000
90 Mins – R2600
120 Mins – R3000

Kali’s diciple blessings

The Edgy Stripper
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3 X 30 minutes Tie and Tease strip sessions to get you hot and hard adding a new edge to the Edging experience. (Normal R3600 total)

1 X 60 Minutes Session, with your choice of Massage with Hand relieve, covered oral and/or FH to fully release from the tie and tease edging (Normal R2000 rate)

X 1 Short tease video weekly with 2 sexy photos ( Estimated worth R1700)

Total Savings R2300


Girlfriend for the month

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Investment R10 000

4 X 60 Minutes Sessions, with your choice of Massage with Hand relieve, covered oral and/or FH. (Normal R8000 total)

2 X 30 Minute Tie and Tease Stripper style Sessions. (Normal R2400 total)

1 X Sexy Video each week with 5 Naughty photos (Estimated normal value R2000)

2 X 2 Hour Breakfast or Lunch dates. (Estimated worth R3000)

Total Savings R5400


Please note that these retainers are valid for 1 month only.

Thank you for suporting me
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