Meditation turns your focus inward, alowing full imersion in the present.It amplifies your ability to experience sensations through calming a hyperactive mind.The art of letting go of the attachment to a spesific outcome allows the pleasure recieved from a percieved formulaic transaction in this case, to transmute into self expression.

The first-ever orgasmic meditation company was founded by Nicole Daedone and Rob Kandell as a female only service but now after years of practise men can also benifit from this alternitive therapy.

Altering brain activity in the frontal lobe where we process emotion is just one of the benifts of OM. Please refer to this article at neurosciencenews 

“This study also suggests the possibility of an important link between sexuality and spirituality. It should be no surprise that there is such a relationship since both sexual and spiritual experiences can be referred to as “ecstatic” and spiritual traditions have long struggled with the potential problems and benefits of the sexual human being.”

It should also be emphasized that the findings may have implications for therapeutic applications in the future, helping with various neurological and psychological problems including emotional traumas, sexual dysfunction and even depression.


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Orgasmic meditation

You are the best investment you will ever make and you deserve it. OM (orgasmic meditation) is a specialized but “goaless” welness practice. Altering brain activity in the frontal lobe where we process emotion is just one of the benifts of OM. Please refer to this article at neurosciencenews 

OM explained. You are the best investment you will ever make.
OM chant

It’s a happy coincidence (synchronicity) that the abreviation for this meditation therapy is Om, the sound of the universe. It’s often chanted in yoga and meditation sessions which makes you feel calm, peaceful and increases mindfulness. More than just a sound, it’s a mantra, a vibration that involves finding inner peace by connecting yourself with the universe’s energy.

Chanting Om are profound and multifaceted, impacting the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of our being. Physically, the vibrations from chanting Om can help regulate heart rhythm, improve immunity, and even provide relief from certain ailments like stomach aches.

Mentally, Om chanting is a proven technique to enhance focus, improve memory, and reduce stress and anxiety. It’s a powerful tool for promoting mental clarity and tranquility, helping to clear the mind of negative thoughts.

On a spiritual level, chanting Om aligns our individual energy with the universal energy, fostering a deep sense of connection and inner peace. Regular Aum meditation can lead to increased mindfulness and spiritual growth.

During your guided OM session your therapist will stroke a very spesific area on your gentitals very lightly in a formilated manner with a gloved, well lubricated finger (for women) or fingers (for men).This is a 15 minute mindful medidation excercise wherin orgasm is not the goal. Despite the name of this meditation, our goal is the reduction of anxiety.

It is recomended that OM should be a stand alone practise and not be used as foreplay, always 15 minues long,always exactly the same.This ensures your relaxation because you will always know what exactly is comming next. Your session will always start with breathwork so please put at least 30 minutes aside for your bi-weekly visit 

Prioritize your physical and mental health, so that you have increased positive energy and feel your best. I know people are terrified of spending money, especially on themselves. If you aren’t investing in your own happiness and your own life, what is the point? We have to remember that money is just energy. And energy needs to flow. Money is neutral. It is us that gives it meaning.

Happiness starts within and it starts with prioritizing our own basic needs. You really are the best investment you will ever make, and you deserve it.

OM Monthly Package

R5000 for 8 guided sessions

(Guided breath meditation included)

Money can not buy happiness, but can happiness buy money?

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