The Nuru Massage

Nuru is a Japenese word meaning “to paint, or “to get wet” – and make no mistake, during a Nuru Massage you will get wet! I will drench your naked body in Nuru Gel, and slide my own naked body over yours. It is this body to body contact that Nuru Massage is all about.

The Nuru Massage is performed with both you and I totally naked. Once nude, you will lie face down and I will begin by spreading copious amounts of massage gel ,warmed to a comfortable temperature, over your entire body. Using large sweeping hand movements over your back and thighs, I will warm and manipulate your muscles and ensure that the massage gel is evenly spread.

Then I will straddle you and start the body contact massage. First, using my breasts, I will slowly slide over your back, ensuring full contact at the end of the movement. After a while I may reverse, massaging your thighs and calves.

Next, I will turn around and slide over you with my butt. This allows a little more pressure, and provides a pleasant, soothing sensation .

Once done with your back, I will ask you to turn over. I will now repeat the process on your front.

Once the actual massage is over, I will conclude by rubbing you down and while your muscles should be quite relaxed it is likely that other parts of your anatomy will not be.

Depending on the services offered, various things may happen at this point. Therapists may quote “Nuru massage”, or “happy ending Nuru massage” , this should be an indication of what you may expect on conclusion of the massage itself.

Regardless of what transpires directly after the massage, you will definitely need a shower afterwards.

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5 years ago

I need to be pampered in any which way ….. I am stressed out….need some….TLC

4 years ago
Reply to  Jan

Hello Jan
stress is a killer!
Feel free to schedule an appointment on 0798559534

3 years ago

What is the difference between Nuru Massage and Happy Ending Nuru Masssage?

3 years ago
Reply to  Charles

The happy ending is the only difference.

1 month ago


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