Kinky Play Bench

I have acquired a new exciting versatile “KINKY PLAY BENCH”. It is ideal for spankings / canings, BDSM bondage games, cock & ball torture, and wherever our minds take us. Let your fantasies roam and call me to discuss your ideas for my new “toy”.

Urethral Sounding

This is a medical practice using thin stainless steel probes (sounds) to increase the inner diameter of the urethra or to locate blockages. The thin smooth sterile probe is inserted into the penis using a water based lubricant and far from being a painful medical procedure, it can provide exquisite and amazing sensations. Mine even has a vibrating ability to increase the unique experience!

Anal toys

There are wide selections of anal toys – from vibrators and plugs to enema nozzles and other objects. Your anus is a source of many varied and amazing sensations. Every toy or object or technique can stimulate different zones providing very unusual feelings. Prostate massage / milking is the ‘new’ buzz and worth the experience.

Penis Pump

Every man has desired a larger penis. A penis pump (vacuum constrictive device) is supposed to achieve miracle growth but truth is it probably doesn’t. The manufacturers publicity splurb would advise the following men to use a pump:

Those who have a poor flow of blood to their penis.

Men who have poorly controlled diabetes

Men with psychological problems such as depression and anxiety

Men who have undergone prostate surgeries

Men who have erectile dysfunction or struggle to ‘keep it up’

I suppose it might help some disorders but what a pump can be however, is a wonderful play toy. You will enjoy the kinky activity and even an enhanced sensitivity. Never be embarrassed by any disorder you may suffer, I have seen and understand them all.

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5 years ago


4 years ago

Thanks Sage for very insightful blog and site. I would appreciate opportunity to discuss further and considering first time visitor how best to remain private.

4 years ago
Reply to  Andy

Hi Andy
please send me an email on or contact me on 0798559534

4 months ago

What an amazing website. I love your open and forthright manner. Would love to visit you some day.

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